Illinois PAS
"Uniting Education & Industry In Agriculture"

Some 12 community college  agriculture students, their advisors and guests gathered on February 28, 1974, at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield for the purpose of forming a statewide organization. Copies of Students with Agriculture Purposes (SWAP) Constitution and Bylaws were revised and developed into a state constitution and bylaws. The name of the Illinois Association of Community College Agriculturists (IACCA) was passed unanimously. The IACCA Constitution and Bylaws were officially adopted on April 19, 1974. On February 25, 1989 at the 15th Annual Conference when the 16 delegates assembled voted to change the name from “IACCA” to “PAS” so that Illinois would be aligned with the National PAS Organization.


1972-73-Craig McLaughlin, SpoonRiverCollege(SWAP Pres.-First  Meet.)

1973-74-Ken Thompson, JolietJunior College

1974-75-Charles Yadlowski, Rend Lake 

1975-76-Ken Martin, Illinois Central College

1976-77-Dave Rylander, Black Hawk East

1977-78-Fred Wiewell, SpoonRiver -Harold Crawford, Parkland

1978-79-Bill Graff, LincolnLand

1979-80-Bryan Moens, Black Hawk East

1980-81-Dan Rux, Black Hawk East

1981-82-Kevin Erickson, Carl Sandburg

1982-83-Scott Cunningham, Richland

1983-84-Tom Murk, Carl Sandburg

1984-85-Rex Hoppes, Black Hawk East

1985-86-Mike McClelland, John Wood

1986-87-James Wietholder, John Wood

1987-88-Mike McCormick, SpoonRiver

1988-89-Tom Mecklenberg, Parkland

1989-90-Rod Stahl, Black Hawk East

1990-91-William Heinisch, Kishwaukee

1991-92-Douglas Hanson, Kankakee

1992-93-Jay Miller, Lincoln

1993-94-Joe Winans, Back Hawk East

1994-95-Renee Miller, Danville

1995-96-Curtis Oldfield,  SpoonRiver

1996-97-Alan Chesnut, Danville

1997-98-Clay Woodward, Danville

1998-99-Nick Wherley, Carl Sandburg

1999-2000- Brad Kuntz, John Wood

2000-01-Greg Anderson, Parkland

2001-02-Sean Arians, Illinois Central

2002-03-Mariah Dale, Parkland

2003-04-Jake Calhoun, Parkland

2004-05-Natalie Coers, LincolnLand                               

2005-06-Brad Kohnen, Kaskaskia

2006-07 Michelle Milstead, SpoonRiver

2007-08 Blake Welge, Kaskaskia

2008-09 Casey Braddock, Kaskaskia

2009-10 Ben Wurmnest, Parkland

2010-11 Austin Ashby, Lake Land

2011-2012 Jennifer Honnold, Lake Land

2012-2013 Katie Cayo, Kaskaskia

2013-2014 Clayton Carley, Parkland/University of Illinois

2014 - 2015 Tyler Pokojski, Kaskaskia College

2015 - 2016 Andrew Albin, Parkland College































































































































































































































































Uniting Education & Industry In Agriculture